Lessons I Learned in Law

Peter King on why you must learn to say "No!"

December 02, 2021 Heriot Brown Season 2 Episode 3
Lessons I Learned in Law
Peter King on why you must learn to say "No!"
Show Notes

In this episode of Lessons I Learned in Law, Scott Brown speaks to Peter King.

Peter King is the Legal Director at HM Treasury.  He leads a team of some 90 lawyers which provides in-house legal advice to Treasury ministers and civil servants.  Previously he worked as a corporate and M&A partner at Linklaters.  He is also a trustee of several charities, including the Salvation Army and Riot Ensemble, a contemporary music group.

Peter shares the three lessons he has learned in law including:

  • The power of networking for developing your career and client list.
  • Learn to say ‘No’!
  • The importance of being able to recognise the signs of stress in other people.

Peter also talks openly about his faith and how he views the legal profession as his vocation.

If you’re interested in exploring a career with the Government’s Legal Department, click  Here.

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