Lessons I Learned in Law

Inside The Agency: Chloe Rowan

October 26, 2023 Heriot Brown
Lessons I Learned in Law
Inside The Agency: Chloe Rowan
Show Notes

Welcome to the latest instalment in our mini-series, Lessons I Learned in Law X Inside the Agency, where we aim to lift the lid on Heriot Brown In-House Legal Recruitment to give you a better idea of what we do. 

We are flipping the script on our usual format and putting our Consultants and team members in the spotlight to share more about the people who make us tick and help us provide fulfilling careers for lawyers. On each episode of Inside the Agency you will get to know more about how recruitment works and we hope we can dispel some of the myths!! 

This week we're chatting to Chloe Rowan. Chloe is our team’s Personal Assistant at Heriot Brown, responsible for assisting with the day to day operations of the business. With 15 years’ worth of administrative experience, 9 of which as a virtual PA, Chloe brings a wealth of expertise to the Heriot Brown team. 

Chloe shares: 

  • How working from home has changed over a decade.
  • Why user experience is so important.
  • How Heriot Brown differs from other recruiters.

Presented by Scott Brown of Heriot Brown Legal Recruitment.

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