Lessons I Learned in Law

Lara Oyesanya on always being curious

June 22, 2023 Heriot Brown Season 5 Episode 2
Lessons I Learned in Law
Lara Oyesanya on always being curious
Show Notes

In this episode of Lessons I Learned in Law, Scott Brown speaks to Lara Oyesanya, Chief legal Officer, Group General Counsel and Company Secretary at Zepz which is a leading provider of cross-border payments and remittance services through its two brands, WorldRemit and Sendwave.

Lara shares the three lessons she has learned in law including:

·      Don’t be intimidated by the status of others or allow yourself to be overwhelmed by anything they try to say to you. Remain calm and fully focussed on your brief.

·      Be curious. You are always learning and your career will provide you with many opportunities to try something new. 

·      Seize all opportunities – you never know where they may lead!

Lara discusses her work on the privatisation of British Rail; a project which saw the privatisation of 93 separate businesses and the formation of Train Operating companies. She explains how her curiosity exposed her to a range of legal concepts and different ways of doing things.  

Lara also reveals how she became an independent non-executive director, and what the role involves. 


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