Lessons I Learned in Law

Dina White on chasing the work you love

July 06, 2023 Heriot Brown Season 5 Episode 3
Lessons I Learned in Law
Dina White on chasing the work you love
Show Notes

In this episode of Lessons I Learned in Law, Scott Brown speaks to Dina White. Dina is General Counsel at Zodia Markets, where she leads the Legal function, including providing guidance and direction on strategic, governance and risk issues. Prior to her current role, Dina spent much of her career at Bank of New York Mellon and U.S. Bancorp, focusing on mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, corporate trustee work and complex financial products. 

Dina shares the three lessons she has learned in law including:

·      Lawyers have a privilege and its our duty to give back to society. 

·      Do the work you love, but don’t ignore the boring parts of the job!

·      Communication and connection are key to our work and our wellbeing. 

Dina discusses the powerful impact that lawyers can have on society, supporting people in need and providing access to the law to those who need it most. To this end, she describes how rewarding she found some of the pro-bono work that she’s carried out throughout her career.

Dina writes regularly on LinkedIn about developments in the world of digital assets, and was named one of Financial News’ Twenty Most Influential Women in Crypto. If that’s a subject you’re interested in, definitely give her a follow on LinkedIn.


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